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Why Dewatering is Important for Your Construction Site

When your construction site has pockets of water or groundwater, it’s time to call in groundwater professionals to remove the water from the ground, also called dewatering. Here are some important reasons to consider dewatering your construction site.

1. Firm up the Soil

In addition to draining open pools or valleys of water, dewatering can also be used to drain underground water, which will dry up the soil and make it suitable for construction. Dry soil will also reduce the risk of sediment being carried off by water and stabilize the landscape.
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2. Safety on the Job

Having water on the job site can produce unsafe working conditions. Ground that is too wet or is muddy can be trip hazards for workers. Water can also damage construction equipment or impede their operation. The presence of water can also obstruct certain tasks.

3. Environmental Protection

Finally, water can also accumulate toxins or waste. Also, standing water can be a magnet for mosquitoes, bringing the risk of disease. Dewatering will remove the water and the toxins with it, as well as cut down on the risk of mosquitoes or other pests. This will not only safeguard your workers’ health but also satisfy environment regulations.
The work of qualified groundwater professionals can drain out water that could produce problems for your construction project and your employees. Visit McCall Brothers Inc. in Charlotte for more information about dewatering or other water removal services.

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