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Drilling and Water Services in Charlotte

Since 1938, McCall Brothers Inc. (and its predecessor business), has been involved with groundwater development. The company builds water treatment and waste treatment facilities, drills all types of wells and installs pumps and controls for water production.

Construction Division

As a general contractor, the company constructs water distribution systems, water treatment plants, and domestic waste treatment facilities including waste collection and pumping systems for municipal, commercial and industrial customers in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The construction division is also heavily involved in the installation of contaminated groundwater treatment systems for environmental cleanups and dewatering systems for construction excavations.

Well Drilling Division

The company owns and operates ten large mobile rotary drill units, (one Ingersoll-Rand T4W, four Ingersoll-Rand T3Ws, one Foremost Canterra CT-450, one Mobile Drill B-57, one Geoprobe 66-DT track mounted auger/probe unit, one Hurricane auger/probe unit and one Buck Rogers 760HD). Also, McCall Brothers Inc. owns several smaller auger, coring, sampling, and direct push technology (DPT) machines for performing a variety of specialized drilling services. This combination of equipment enables us to meet the demands of virtually any type of drilling, sampling or well construction which is required and also allows us to be involved in construction dewatering, foundation construction, pilings, shoring, etc. It is estimated that the company has drilled and developed over 85,000 wells during the past 60 years.

Pump Installation Controls and Mechanical System Service Division

The company installs and services residential, municipal, environmental and industrial water pumping, filtering, treatment, distribution and storage systems. This group assists the construction division and drilling division with specialized activities at environmental and industrial sites as well.

Stock Sales Division

The company maintains an inventory of approximately $500,000 consisting of parts, components, filters and chemicals to provide for the needs of its customers. McCall Brothers, Inc. is the leading distributor of Sanuril tablet type chlorination and D-chlor tablet type dechlorination tablet feeders for use in waste water treatment (commercial, industrial and residential) systems.

Environmental Division

McCall Brothers Inc. has been involved in environmental well drilling, construction and monitoring work for many years. The company has the professional staff and equipment to adapt to almost any type of monitoring well construction and development as well as various sampling techniques. This combination of equipment and personnel has enabled us to perform work of varied scope on CERCLA (Superfund) sites, Marine Corps, Air Force and naval bases as well as other government and private, hazardous waste sites. Approximately 1/3 of the company's total drilling revenue comes from environmental drilling and other activities at environmental sites.

Dewatering for Construction Sites

McCall Brothers, Inc. constructs and installs dewatering wells and pumping systems primarily for lowering the ground water table in connection with high-rise building construction. The company has successfully lowered ground water levels in building excavations of more than 80’ depth. In addition to simple construction de-watering, the company’s project managers also have designed and installed permanent well and pump based de-watering systems for handling ground water problems around buildings for more permanent situations. Other dewatering applications are reviewed and properly designed for on a case by case basis. The company offers service and maintenance on the systems they install.

Foundation Drilling and Construction Division

McCall Brothers, Inc. owns and operates two large derrick digger rigs with the capability of auger drilling holes up to five feet in diameter and thirty feet deep. McCall Brothers also owns two large air rotary rigs with rock drilling capability of drilling rock holes up to two feet in diameter one hundred feet deep. This combination of equipment enables us to meet the demands for the drilling and/or construction of light pole bases, wireless communication tower foundations, shoring wall construction, building spread-footer foundation piers (for low compaction soils) and other piers and shafts needed for construction projects.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Division

McCall Brothers, Inc. owns and operates a Ditch Witch JT1220 horizontal directional drilling rig with the capability of installing up to 8 inch product and bores up to 500 feet long. The use of these horizontal drilling techniques allows for the upgrade or installation of new utilities without disruption to the public and with minimal surface disturbance. The use of horizontal drilling is popular with property owners for the installation of phone, gas, power, water and sewer lines under streets, railroads, parking lots, streams and wetlands. This technology is becoming popular for environmental services in conducting groundwater and soil remediation. These environmental applications include groundwater extraction, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, free product recovery, bioremediation and soil characterization.

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